What do you say when you

Talk to Yourself?

Watch the video to learn how you can get better results in the key areas of your life! 

Watch the video to learn more about Self-Talk and how it impacts you.

Now that you know a little about Self-Talk keep reading to find out how you can rewire your BRAIN to get better results...

From the moment you were born, every message you received was recorded in your brain.

Depending on your upbringing and the environment you grew up in that might be a comforting thought or a scary one. Regardless of how we grew up, researchers have estimated that as much as 77% of the programs that you and I have today are false, harmful, or work against us!

That doesn't exactly set us up for success.

Our current, built-in mental programming determines what we say and do...and how we feel.  And how we think not only affects our own body, soul, and spirit, but it affects those around us. 

Much like how we learned to speak, we adopted our mental programs from what we heard those around us saying, before we were able to discern if the messages were positive or negative, true or false, or in our best interest. Some were given to us by well meaning parents, coaches, or friends who didn't understand the impact their words can have on young minds.

77% of our programs are harmful.

How we think affects us & those around us.

Self-Talk can change the wiring in our brain!

Many of the messages that we received weren't in our best interest.

That was Amy's story. As a young girl she grew up to be bigger than her petite mom by the age of 10. Although Amy wasn't overweight, her mother would make comments to Amy about how big she was getting. Amy internalized it to mean that she better not get big or her mom wouldn't like her. The continual comparisons and mentions about her weight set Amy up for a life of being self-conscious and having constant battles with food. Her mom had no idea how her messages were wiring Amy's brain.

In the brain, each time a message is repeated, the brain is actually creating a pathway...a physical, chemical, "neural pathway," that gets stronger and stronger each time the message is repeated.

It was commonly believed that once our brains are programmed they are set that way for life. Many, unfortunately, now follow in the path that was paved for them without realizing that we can change the mental wiring in our brain and how we think!

Thankfully by the age of 18, Amy had discovered Self-Talk. Not only was she aware of her own self-talk, but that by listening to recordings of Positive Self-Talk repeatedly she could transform her thinking and overcome the negative programming she'd acquired. As a result, she was set free from destructive and self-defeating behaviors.

Science shows we can Shape our Thinking!

The fields and science of Epigenetics and Quantum Physics are revealing many exciting discoveries including...

  • The brain is kind of like plastic and can be changed by how we direct our thinking
  • The brain rewires itself  with the input we give it and with the thoughts we control
  • If we want to change our life, we can change our wiring
  • Neural pathways are created by repetition . . . which means new pathways can be formed

When people don't get proper results, it's almost always a result of Improper Thinking

Why do some people fail, while others succeed? People who succeed have figured out they don't have to be captive to old ways of thinking and behaving. What we believe affects what we think and what we think impacts what we do...the behaviors we engage in, and how we feel.

The messages we've been given and the messages we give ourselves have been determining our success (or lack of it) up to this point. The great news is that the messages we choose to give ourselves and the way we think moving forward will determine the results we'll have 5 - 10 - 15 - 20 years from now.

You were born to succeed....

The truth is, before all those pathways were formed, we were born to succeed...it's actually in our DNA. Nothing God created is designed to fail...including you...and you are his greatest creation

Each of us was born with unlimited promise and unlimited potential. We were born to succeed. We were designed to be successful. Because if we're not successful, we can't help or serve other people including our spouse, kids, team members, employees, clients, or our community to the level we are called to do.

So what do we do with our negative or false programs that are guiding our thoughts, actions, and feelings? We now know through the discovery of N E U R O P L A S T I C I T Y that the brain is designed to change its programming. Many of us were taught in school and believed that our brain stops growing new neurons or changing when we were very young. 

Because of new medical imaging technology and brain scanning techniques, we now know that your brain is designed to change throughout your entire lifetime. In fact, your brain is rewiring itself right now!

So the big question is, how can you rewire your brain to THINK BETTER?

When you think better you get better results in all the key areas of your life. 

Through the pioneering work of people like Dr. Shad Helmstetter and Dr. Caroline Leaf, we have proven methods for reprogramming our brain so we can think better and get better results. 

There are a few key strategies you can do to begin the process of renewing your mind and changing your Self-Talk. One of the most effective way we have found to change your programs and literally rewire your brain, is by listening to the right kind of Self-Talk. Additionally, intentional and focused concentration for small periods of time during the day will have significant impact on your thinking.

As we've learned from the field of neuroscience, the key to rewiring your brain in the right way is repetition. Repetition...repetition...repetition.  That's one powerful way the brain gets wired and gets renewed. And that's why so many people have begun listening to Self-Talk. 

By listening to the right kind of positive Self-Talk for even ten to twenty minutes a day, you will get the right kind of programs, and the right amount of repetition to rewire your brain in the right way.

Now you can listen to Positive Self-Talk...

Today there are Professionally recorded Self-Talk Programs just for You.

There's never been and easier or more effective way to listen to positive Self-Talk. We have Self-Talk programs covering self-esteem, weight loss, health & fitness, money & finances, career success, relationships, women & girls, kids, and more. 

Change Old Programs: Listening to Self-Talk will replace old, negative programs with new, positive mental programs. 

Prepare for Success: After listening consistently to Self-Talk be ready for transformations in all ares of your life!

Take It With You: Technology now makes listening to Self-Talk easier than ever so you always have access to listen.

Researchers used to think that simply reading the statements as affirmations was the best way to change our programs. What they discovered is that we never get rid of our old programs. They have to be replaced. And since the old ones were first put there by being heard, the most effective way for them to be replaced is for you to hear the new ones, repeatedly.

Amy Ramage FitForExcellence

I listen 2x day and assign to my clients who are finding all new success in weight loss, health and personal development by simply listening to something positive 10 min every morning. It's a critical tool anyone can use where they are now."

Are you ready to transform your thinking and see the difference listening to Positive Self-Talk can make in your life?

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  • Quality of Life
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 Self-Talk 101:

How does it work: The Self-Talk programs are specially formatted, pre-recorded messages that you download to your computer and use on your smartphone or MP3 player. Or, you can stream the Self-Talk programs if you prefer that option...see more below.

How do I listen: Self-Talk works best when played quietly, in the background. There’s no need to concentrate or focus on the Self-Talk you’re listening to.  Just let it play quietly in the background as you go about your daily life.

How often do I listen: There is no need to "over listen." Just three times a day will make a dramatic difference in how you think and feel. Most recording are between seven and 15 minutes.

When should I listen: The best times to listen to Self-Talk include...

  • Within the first 30-60 minutes after waking
  • When you're getting ready in the morning
  • When you're riding in the car
  • While you're exercising
  • While you're reading, relaxing, eating, reading the paper, or even watching TV
  • Just before you go to sleep at night
  • Any time that works for you

Who should listen: Everyone, no matter what age, can benefit from listening to Self-Talk. 

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