Parents with school-age kids . . .

Would you like 52 Parenting Tips to take the Guess-work Out of Parenting?

Step by step . . . learn and apply practical parenting principles to build positive, healthy relationships with your children, while preparing them with life skills for the real world.

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Bonuses to Get You Started

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The Parenting Checklist

This simple checklist will help you identify the impact you are having with the style of parenting or leadership you are displaying. Does your current manner of leading reflect a coach or a critic?

Transformation Feedback System

Lead your children to adopt positive behaviors by using this effective system for changing behavior. By building in consistency and accountability you'll be empowered to help your kids achieve success!

Self-Talk for Relationships

When we don't get proper results, it's almost always a result of improper thinking. Kids are no different. By listening regularly to self-talk they will properly program their brain to make better choices.

About the Book . . . 

In 52 short actionable sections, the principles in 52 Parenting Principles empower parents with practical skills that will enhance their relationship with their children, while instilling positive behavioral and life skills. Adaptable for children of all ages, parents can immediately implement each principle and start to experience the joy of parenting. 

Taking the guess work out of how parents should communicate with their children, 52 Parenting Principles provides both context and examples parents can quickly understand, learn, and apply. No longer left to figure it out for themselves, the principles presented provide the playbook parents have been asking for to guide their parenting journey.

Based on proven behavioral change concepts, the discussion questions and actions steps allow for the information to be taken off the pages and into the home where both parents and children will be transformed for life. The principles in 52 Parenting Principles are the perfect answer to help parents create a positive home environment where kids will grow in character and leave home with relational and life skills to excel in the real world.

What to expect . . . 

  • To be empowered with effective relational parenting skills.
  • Ability to quickly read, understand, and apply each of the 52 proven parenting principles.
  • Children who will almost immediately and positively respond to a new parenting approach.
  • Principles that are easily adaptable to the full spectrum of school-age children. 
  • Dramatic improvement in communication as the principles are adopted and consistently applied.
  • A more joy-filled home complete with understanding and purpose. 

About Miles Mettler . . .

Miles Mettler is a writer, speaker, and coach who is passionate about bringing out the best in people and helping families thrive. He attended South Dakota State University, where he received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Miles is an ambassador for Focus on the Family, a global Christian ministry located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, 

Prior to his current work, Miles led the Brooking Wellness Program at SDSU for eight years before returning to school, attending Arizona State University to study exercise/wellness and behavior change and earning his doctoral degree. 

A lifelong learner, Miles is certified as a life coach, a Leading from Your Strengths facilitator, and self-talk trainer. He enjoys speaking, coaching, writing, and opining on his blog at He and his wife, Christy, have four children: one in high school, one in college, one in the US Air Force, and one working as a writer.

Praise for 52 Parenting Principles . . .


"When we’re raising children, every day can feel like a landmine of questions, concerns, and dilemmas. Dr. Miles Mettler is well aware of the common challenges that arise for parents – and he has great wisdom about the principles and approaches that make for solid, effective parenting."

Jim Daly President, Focus on the Family

“Parenting has never been harder. Miles Mettler's book is an invaluable resource that will help you raise healthy, godly kids. His 52 principles are comprehensive, practical, proven, and powerful.”

David E Clarke, PhD - Christian psychologist, podcaster, and the Author of 15 books, including Parenting is Hard, and My Spouse Wants Out



“I love the concept of parenting your children in a way that you can have a wonderful relationship with them once they are adults. Multi-generational family impact is such an ancient and noble goal, and Miles has laid out a practical and action-oriented guide to help you parent with effective and long-term relationship in mind. This book will help you raise your kids the right way and is laid out in a way to build new actions and reactions inside your family. I highly recommend you get this book and start bringing out the best in yourself and your kids!”

Al Robertson- Pastor, Author, and Star of A&E’s Duck Dynasty

“During a time of parental confusion and anxiety, Dr. Miles offers sound, actionable, and encouraging advice to help parents. 52 Parenting Principles is insightful, timely, and practical. Every parent should read this excellent book!"

Meg Meeker, MD - Best selling Author of Strong Fathers Strong Daughters



“Have you noticed those EV charging stations springing up near you? Look at this insightful, helpful, encouraging book as a way to super-charge your parenting! Plug into each parenting concept, one here for each week. You'll find yourself better able to tackle the everyday hills, valleys and even potholes that come with parenting. Better yet, use these as weekly positive parenting charges with your spouse, or even a small group.”

John Trent, Ph.D. President,, and Author of Life Mapping and The Blessing

“Miles' book is invaluable, and I wish I'd had it twenty-five years ago! This book is what every parent needs. I'm so thankful Miles poured his life and heart into creating such a rich guide for parents today!”

John Ramstead - Author of On Purpose with Purpose, and Host of Eternal Leadership Podcast



“Without wisdom, we're all in serious trouble. And with it, we - and our kids! - will flourish. This book is stacked with rock-solid wisdom, start to finish. What's more, it's easy to read, easily digestible, and perfect for discussion. So glad Miles wrote this!”

Brant Hansen - Radio host, and Author of The Men We Need, Unoffendable, Blessed are the Misfits, and The Truth about Us

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