The Life You’re Designed to Live

by Miles Mettler

Are you living the life you were designed to live? A popular quote attributed to John Dryden is, “We first make our habits, then our habits make us.” Another way to say that is, “We first make our choices and then our choices make us.” The reality of this concept came to life for me many years ago, back when I was growing up on a farm in South Dakota.

Both of my grandfathers were farmers who lived similar lives of hard work and toil, as is a farmer’s life. Where their paths diverged was when they retired. Although they both moved off the farm and into town, one retired from farming and the other retired from life.

My Dad’s dad would continue an active life by coming out to help on the farm in whatever way he could contribute. Although I was a young, healthy, active kid, I remember struggling to keep up with my grandfather as we walked the bean fields pulling weeds. Occasionally I’d catch him leaning on a stick, gazing off in the distance . . . and then it was back to pulling. One time I asked him what he was doing. “Just letting my eyes rest,” he said, “ and enjoying this.” As I recall, he remained as active, healthy and vibrant throughout his 97 years on this earth.

My other grandfather initially would go out to help on the farm, but starting spending more and more time downtown at the local pub playing pinochle with his card buddies. It didn’t take long for the inactivity and lack of engagement and contribution (along with the cigarettes) to take a toll on his physical and mental health. Always the jokester, his jovial spirit and good-hearted humor started to dissipate. While he lived to the age of 80, the quality of life in his final years suffered greatly.

I often remind audiences that the health status you currently have is largely a result of the choices you’ve made up to this point in your life. But, and perhaps more importantly, the health status that you’ll experience 10 to 20 years from now will largely be determined by the choices you’ll make between now and then.

So, what path are you on? Where will the choices you’re currently making leave you in twenty years? Do you like where you’re headed? How healthy will you be? Will your marriage be healthy? How about your finances? How healthy will your relationship with Christ be? Will you like the relationship you have with your children? Do you like the path on which you're headed?

This blog will be dedicated to helping you life the life that you’re designed to live. I believe we're all equipped to live a life of meaning and purpose, until our time here is done. My heart's desire is you are encouraged, equipped, and engaged, and the Holy Spirit inspires you to live an intelligent life.